пятница, 30 марта 2018 г.

Gutemberg Pereira wins double gold at Chicago Open

The IBJJF’s No-Gi Euros and Floripa Open were not the only BJJ tournaments held last weekend. The Chicago International Open also joined in on the celebration.

GFTeam’s Gutemberg Pereira was the big name this time around. Riding the momentum of a solid campaign at the Euros, held early this year in Portugal, the U.S.-based big guy started out by winning gold in the super-heavyweight division as he defeated an experienced Jared Dopp (Ribeiro JJ).

Then, in the absolute division, Gutemberg faced Horlando Monteiro (GD Jiu-Jitsu), the weekend’s heavyweight champion, and outplayed him to wrap up the double-gold run.

четверг, 29 марта 2018 г.

Incredible F2W Card In Miami

Florida is a hotbed of jiu-jitsu talent, so it's no surprise that F2W Pro's Miami card is pure fire.  The event features 20+ black belt matches and is stacked from top to bottom. Tournament Fight To Win Pro 68 will held March 30 in Miami.

Here are couple of the most ambitious fights!

Main Event: Bill Cooper vs Vagner Rocha
Bill Cooper is an American jiu-jitsu legend.  His creative approach to the game helped spur on a new generation of athletes who were willing to look beyond the traditional hierarchy position before submission.  He’s also earned several World Championship medals. 
Another veteran of the game and equally keen submission hunter, Rocha’s jiu-jitsu has been both celebrated and criticized for its aggressive nature.  It's gritty, uncomfortable for the other guy, but far from malicious. It's also some of the very best to watch as a fan.  Vagner comes to win, it's that simple.

AJ Agazarm vs Alexandre ‘Pulga’ Pimentel
The bout between Agazarm and Pimentel is an excellent clash of generations and styles.
Pulga has been a black belt for over 18 years and has extensive competition experience in both jiu-jitsu and MMA. Agazarm presents the opposite side of the coin: a stocky fighter that will seek to control the distance. Now a seasoned veteran on the Fight To Win Pro circuit, AJ not only has the skills to earn the win, but also significant experience with the F2W Pro judging criteria, which has proven to be a critical factor in his past matches.  

John Combs vs Enrico Cocco
Both men simply don’t know how to have a boring match. Both athletes possess great wrestling, though different in their approach: Combs has an impressive blast double and generally embodies the American folkstyle tradition, while Cocco opts for a subtler approach.  

среда, 28 марта 2018 г.

Darragh O'Conaill First Irishman To Become European Jiu-Jitsu Champion

An Irishman has taken gold for the first time in the adult black belt division at the IBJJF European No-Gi Championships. 

Darragh O'Conaill of Dublin won the middleweight title at the 2018 No-Gi Euros on Sunday in Rome to earn the historic achievement.

The gym owner and competitor had previously medaled twice at the tournament as a black belt, taking bronze in 2015 and silver in 2017.

O'Conaill had to win three matches to capture gold in Rome. He won his first match against Arthur Puck of Alliance with a darce choke in less than a minute. 

"My next fight was with Teta [Eduardo Rios] from Frontline," says Darragh, who won 2-0. "I’ve actually fought Teta two times before. The first time he tapped me, the second he beat me 2-0, and now I got the win the other way around." 

O'Conaill met Finnish grappler Tuomas Ylinampa in the final, winning again by darce choke in under a minute.

"It was a goal for me since I got my black belt," says O'Conaill, who had twice won the No-Gi Euros as a brown belt. "My first one at black in 2015 I lost to Teta in the semis, taking bronze. 2016 I couldn’t fight because Polaris was the same day. 2017 I got to the final after two submissions, losing to Isaque Bahiense by advantage in a very close fight.

"So to win in 2018, after coming so close the previous year, and beating someone who beat me in the first attempt, really felt great. Probably the biggest win of my black belt career so far!"