четверг, 31 января 2019 г.

The new BJJ league was created in Ukraine!

The new sports project “Jiu Jitsu Ukraine League” was opened in Ukraine recently. The primary target of the league is the formation of professional fighters, who will be able to compete in the top divisions on the international BJJ sports arena. The main goal of the project is to bring up the world champions of the IBJJF in the black belts category, “adult”.

At the moment, the key participants of the “Jiu Jitsu Ukraine League” are three powerful teams from Khmelnytskyi, Ivano-Frankovsk and Kropyvnytskyi cities. In total, the league consists of more than 800 children and juniors specializing in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, including athletes with world-class achievements and international experience.

The league will host championships in Khmelnytskyi (25.03.2019), Ivano-Frankovsk (14.04.2019), Kropyvnytskyi (25.05.2019), and the final stage will be held in autumn 2019 (the host city will be known soon).

A key feature of the “Jiu Jitsu Ukraine League” championships will be dividing sportsmen into the belt divisions. It means that experienced athletes will compete with equals, and newcomers will have a chance to win a medal.

One more important aspect is that only Brazilian jiu-jitsu teams will be allowed to participate in the championships. All fights will be held under the “smoothcomp” system.

The league was organized by Rostislav Rybak, Marina Rybak, Vitalii Stasiv and Ievgen Skyrda.


среда, 30 января 2019 г.

The “Snezhok NO-Gi 2019” in-club tournament

The “ZR Team Kyiv» BJJ school will hold the “Snezhok NO-Gi 2019” in-club tournament next month. The championship will take place in the sport gym of the “ZR Team Kyiv” on February 10, 2019. 
It is worthwhile noting that, the “ZR Team Kyiv” is the first officially established BJJ club in Ukraine. Moreover, it is a member of the Ukrainian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.
The in-club tournament is organized by the members of the BJJ club in February. The participants of the tournament will be the fighters of the “ZR Team Kyiv” who are involved in BJJ up to one year and without competitive experience as well. The head coach of the club Max Carvalho believes that this in-club tournament is going to be great practice for the BJJ fighters beginners.

вторник, 29 января 2019 г.

The first in-club championship at the “IJS Ivano-Frankivsk Jiu-Jitsu School”

The “IJS Ivano-Frankivsk Jiu-Jitsu School” invites BJJ fighters of 4 – 15 years old to participate in their first in-club championship! 
The championship will take place in the sport gym of the Verkhovyna secondary school on February 23, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The championship welcomes both newcomers and fighters who already own any belts. All athletes must be in GI. Registration to the championship will be opened until 17 February 2019.

понедельник, 28 января 2019 г.

Ukrainian fighter won gold in the USA!

The impressive BJJ tournament “Newbreed Ultimate Challenge” was held in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, on January 26. A lot of talented fighters from different parts of the world impressed the audience with a high level of BJJ technique and showed decent fights. The best fighters received worthy awards.

Ukrainian sportsman also received deserved gold! Alexander Kostyuk fought in the featherweight division in the adult category and defeated his rival Robert Ulerick from “Gracie Barra” team, USA. It must be noted, Alexander was the only representative of the “ZR Team” at the tournament!

Ukrainian fighter has once again proved that BJJ sportsmen from Ukraine have the highest level of skills!

пятница, 25 января 2019 г.

Ukrainian Yaroslav Blazhko in the rating of “9 Must-Watch Matches”!

The “European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2019” was held in Lisbon recently.

Famous fighters showed excellent results there, but the BJJ world was impressed by several breakout performances of the less known athletes. The authoritative “Flograppling” web-based media has compiled a rating of such remarkable fights. And the Ukrainian sportsman from the SC “Borets” Yaroslav Blazhko is also there!

The following matches were included in the rating:

1.      Lucas Protasio vs Andy Murasaki
2.      Eleftheria Chistodoulou vs Elisabeth Clay
3.      Robson Chaves vs Gabriel Sergio
4.      Thalys Pontes vs Maxim Sorokin
5.      Andy Murasaki vs Nicholas Werner
6.      Yaroslav Blazhko vs Wesley Possamai
7.      Camila Roque vs Barbara Cariani
8.      Rayron Gracie vs Mike Virolan
9.      Leandro Silva vs Rafael Alberto

Ukrainian fighters have been rapidly conquering the BJJ world. We wish them more and more impressive victories in the future!


четверг, 24 января 2019 г.

Successful results of the “Atos Ukraine” at the European championship

The “European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2019” was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 15 to 20 January. Athletes from all over the world successfully performed at the competition and took home honored medals. Sportsmen from the “Atos Ukraine” team were among them!

6 fighters from the “Atos Ukraine” team have visited the championship this year. Talented Ukrainian sportsmen won 2 gold and 3 silver medals. According to the club coach, this competition was more successful compared with last year’s championship. Fighters have analyzed all mistakes and had serious training before the championship to improve own skills.

According to the results of the championship, Valerii Deineha won gold in the “Master 1” category and Heorhii Baidan won his gold medal in the “Adult” category. Serhii Leshynov got silver in the “Master 3” category. Vladyslav Perepelytsia and Yevhen Benevskyi won silver medals among juniors. All athletes competed in the category of white belts.

среда, 23 января 2019 г.

Hundreds of competitors expected for Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament in Hawkesbury

A lot of people could find themselves in rear naked chokes, Americana arm locks, and guillotines this weekend in Hawkesbury. 
Those are all Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling moves, and the Ontario-Québec Jiu-jitsu Games, a major amateur tournament, is taking place on Saturday, January 26 at the Robert Hartley Sports Complex.
According to Martin Nguyen of Montréal, founder of Submission Arts United (SAU), which promotes and organizes Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions, up to 600 competitors could be taking part in the tournament.
Originally billed as “Québec’s biggest jiu-jitsu tournament,” there’s a reason it’s being held just over the boundary in Ontario.
Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions, even amateur ones, are illegal in Québec.
The legal snag goes back to a 2013 amendment to the Criminal Code aimed at regulating mixed martial arts (MMA) that changed the definition of illegal prize fighting that suddenly—and inadvertently put Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s status into question.
Québec does however recognize amateur sports that have an organized governing body in the province. Nguyen said the Fédération jiu-jitsu Brésilien du Québec is still working with the provincial government to get that recognition so it can officially sanction tournaments.
Ontario and British Columbia are the only provinces where Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments are legal.
The tournament in Hawkesbury is sanctioned by the Ontario Jiu-jitsu Assocation (OJA), which is officially recognized by the Ontario government.
Soon competitors coming to the Hawkesbury tournament are amateurs of all ages.

вторник, 22 января 2019 г.

“Budapest International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship”

The “Budapest International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship” will be held this year! 
The tournament will take place on the territory of the “Folyondár Vasas” sports center on 2 March in Budapest, Hungary. The event will take place in Gi and No-Gi categories.
Fighters of three categories – juniors (white, blue and purple belts), adults and masters (white, blue, purple, brown and black belts) are welcomed to participate.
The “Budapest International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship” is held under the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation authority. Registration will be opened until 23 February 2019.
The participants of the championship will feel an incredible spirit of the contest and receive invaluable experience.

понедельник, 21 января 2019 г.

Latest results of Ukrainian fighters in Portugal

The “European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2019” has ended in Lisbon recently. All the participants got an incredible experience and some of them went home with impressive victories. Ukrainian fighters were no exception.
Serhii Krasovskyi became the silver medalist of the championship in the prestigious category of blue belts among juniors. According to Ievgen Skyrda, the head coach of the SC “Borets”, this athlete proved by his own example that Ukrainian fighters reached the world level. Now they are ready not only to compete but also to win top BJJ fighters!
Serhii Rusnak, another one Ukrainian junior, lost in the first fight but showed great sports skills. For the first time Serhii Rusnak has participated in such high level championship as “European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2019”. So now Serhii is only at the beginning of his long way to the champion title.
In addition, Brazilian fighter Breno Peterson also represented the Ukrainian team at the European championship. The sportsman won silver in the category of brown belts, adult! In the final fight he met the world champion Thalison Vitorino Soares. In an equal fight with a score of 8:8, Breno lost only one advantage to the competitor.