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The High-Level Competitors Who Got Promoted At The End Of 2017

With only five belts in jiu-jitsu, anytime anybody gets gets promoted it is a pretty big deal. When it’s a high-level competitor, even more so. 
For a competitor, a promotion means being put in with even tougher opponents.
Take a look at some of the biggest names who were rewarded for their success in 2017 with a belt promotion.
Servio Tulio
Gracie Barra’s Servio Tulio was awarded his black belt after conquering the brown belt medium-heavyweight division at No-Gi Worlds. Tulio is a fierce competitor with a sizable collection of medals from his time as a brown belt.
In addition to his World No-Gi gold, he took silver at Pans as well as winning a brown belt tournament at the Marianas Open in Guam and multiple championships in the hyper-competitive tournament scene in Russia.
Adam Benayoun
A born-and-bred New Yorker, Adam Benayoun was a Pan and European featherweight champ at brown belt. He moved to Virginia in March of this year to train under Ryan Hall, who tied the black belt around his waist just last week.
Fellipe Trovo
Sao Paulo-based grappler Fellipe Trovo of Ushirobira BJJ team is a well-known face on the Brazilian scene. With a number of high-profile wins (he is a Brazilian National champion, no less) the super-heavyweight will bring his long legs and tricky guard game to the black belt ranks.
Fellipe Andrew
Another Brazilian champion promoted to black belt is heavyweight Fellipe Andrew of Zenith. Training under Rodrigo Cavaca in Santos, Sao Paulo. Fellipe Andrew Leandro Silva (to use his full name) win 2017 Pans as a brown belt and 2016 Worlds as a purple.
Mauricio Oliveira
One of the most accomplished purple belts of 2017, Mauricio Oliveira of GF Team was promoted to brown belt after an incredibly successful year. The IBJJF World and Abu Dhabi World Pro champion, Oliveira spent a season in the USA after his big win at Worlds where he trained in Ohio.
While in the US, Oliveira continued his winning streak and took gold in many tournaments including the American Nationals, NY BJJ Pro and IBJJF Opens in Miami, Charlotte and Chicago.

Spyder pulling out all the stops for 2018 event series

Spyder, the Korean jiu-jitsu promotion that’s been making waves in the Asian professional jiu-jitsu scene, is coming out guns blazing with its opening event of 2018.

The Spyder Invitational qualifying event goes down Feb. 11 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea, and will consist of two brackets: -76kg and +76kg. They are filled with some of the best up-and-coming talent from both Korea and around the world, including Hugo Marques, Jonnatas Gracie, Kaynan Duarte, and more! 

It's a single-elimination event, and the winner takes home $6,000. But those who place second and third won’t leave empty handed: first through third all qualify for the quarterfinal event that’s scheduled for July 21, 2018. The cash prizes increase from $6,000 to $8,000 in the quarterfinals, and the winners will move on to the final event that is set to take place in November 2018.


четверг, 21 декабря 2017 г.

Eddie Bravo: Gordon Ryan versus Vinny Magalhães Combat Jiu-Jitsu Match

The Eddie Bravo Invitational is going to be heading to Sin City on May, and a huge match is going to be coming with it. 
Mixed martial artist and third-degree BJJ black belt Vinny Magalhães and Danaher Death Squad member Gordon Ryan are going to be locking horns in a Combat jiu-jitsu super fight.
Gordon has talked about going into mixed martial arts, and match may be the perfect segue into it.

среда, 20 декабря 2017 г.

Lucas Hulk wins double gold at No-Gi Worlds

The world’s top BJJ athletes went to Anaheim, Calif. this weekend to take part in the year’s final big jiu-jitsu event, the World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF No-Gi Championship. 
Lucas Hulk wound up standing out from his stiff competition. After climbing two weight divisions to tackle the super-heavyweight field, the Atos black-belt won gold at his new weight as well as the absolute.
At super-heavy, he submitted each of his opponents, including the runner-up João Assis (Checkmat), who fell to a north-south choke. In the open division, he met ultra-heavy runner-up João Gabriel Rocha (Soul Fighters) in the final and beat him to claim a perfect weekend.
Other big names, like Keenan Cornelius, João Miyao and Caio Terra, also appeared among the weekend’s champions.

вторник, 19 декабря 2017 г.

IBJJF No-Gi World Championship 2017: Results

The final big tournament of the year is over, having crowned the world champions in no-gi jiu-jitsu. Held in California, USA the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) ruled event gathered some of the very best grapplers in the sport in a tournament.
 A few names are worthy of a mention after this year’s event, none more than Lucas Barbosa of team Atos. The middle/medium-heavyweight athlete decided to challenge himself at super-heavyweight with tremendous results, finishing all of his matches in the tournament while earning spots in the finals of his weight and the absolute.

The ultra-heavyweights were Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu were Joao Gabriel Rocha. Cyborg came out the winner thanks to an extra advantage point.
 TLI team member Roberto Torralbas, a veteran of the game had one of the best performances of his career by reaching 2nd place, defeating one of the big names in the division Mike Carbullido.

понедельник, 18 декабря 2017 г.

Ukrainian fighters at the “Spain National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017”

The “Spain National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship” took place on December 16th and gathered best sportsmen from all around the world.
Ukrainian fighters from SC “Borets”/ ZR Team were also among the participants. They honorably represented the country by showing excellent skills at the championship. The coach of the club, Ievgen Skyrda, noted that the “Spain National Pro Jiu-Jitsu” championship was rather complex and complicated. Loud Spanish fans in the stands and spectacular matches between well-trained contenders gave the impression that you are on the bullfighting!
Ukrainian fighters won three golds and one silver medal. Roman Nepota has won the first place in both absolute and his weight categories among blue belts. Yaroslav Blazhko also took gold in absolute division and silver in his weight among purple belts!

понедельник, 11 декабря 2017 г.

Results of Ukrainian fighters at the «Ukrainian Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017»

This weekend Ukrainian capital welcomed «Ukrainian Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017». It’s one of the largest open Brazilian jiu-jitsu championships that are held annually in Kiev and organized by the Ukrainian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.
Traditionally, it is held in Kiev and gathers a huge number of sportsmen from throughout Ukraine who compete for the champion title.
This year, as always, the following age categories could participate in the championship:
Kids (4-17 years old)
Adults (18+)
Masters (35+)
Ukrainian fighters from SC “Borets” (Kropivnitskiy) were one of the main participants in “Children and juniors” category. Sportsmen of this club have demonstrated great fights!
Rusnak Serhii got the 3rd place in 59 kg weight division. In turn, Krasovskyi Serhii has won gold in 63 kg weight division.
Young sportsmen don’t fall behind of their older teammates and have showed great results as well, earning numerous medals!

вторник, 5 декабря 2017 г.

Jorge Nakamura: competing with an injury with no cure

While still a purple belt back in 2008, Jorge Nakamura suffered a serious knee injury in training that resulted in three torn ligaments and peroneal nerve damage in his leg.
Nakamura managed to undergo surgery on his knee, but the nerve damage was irreparable. The peroneal nerve provides sensation and motor function to parts of the lower leg, and the injury gave him a permanent case of “foot drop”. It affects how he walks, and he is prevented from flexing his foot.
Even with the injury Nakamura was able to develop his jiu-jitsu and earn his black belt. Despite the permanent injury, he would go on and to win many gold medals in the adult divisions.
After my injury, my teachers, Marcio Tubarao and Julio Cesar, helped me to readjust my game in order to minimize the chance that my opponent attacks my injured leg during the competition“, – Nakamura said.
Now, nine years after the injury, not only does Nakamura compete in the regular divisions on Brazil’s national scene, but he is a common sight in the UAEJJF para jiu-jitsu divisions as well.
The para jiu-jitsu came to show that jiu-jitsu is for everyone, no matter their age nor limitations”, – Nakamura said.
Para jiu-jitsu competitors are separated by the disabilities, with up to 13 categories including amputees, spinal cord injuries, motor disabilities, and more.
They have specific rules, where we can’t attack the opponent’s injured areas”, – Nakamura said. “We follow all the other rules on the mat and fight like a conventional category”.

понедельник, 4 декабря 2017 г.

Ukrainian fighter became the European Jiu-Jitsu champion!

Ukraine is known for its strong sportsmen. And it concerns not only swimming and boxing sport branches. This year, Ukrainian fighter Yaroslav Blazhko has won the gold medal during the European Jiu-Jitsu Championship. It took place in Lisbon, Portugal.
24 year-old fighter confidently made his way toward victory. He won seven strong opponents, before reaching his gold medal.
“There were 7 challenging fights, 7 battles against the strongest fighters of the world. There were athletes from Brazil, USA, Spain, and Germany. We are so grateful to all who support and help us. This is our common victory”Ievgen Skyrda, SC “Borets” / ZR Team coach
Sportsmen really have a great support. Behind each victory there are hard trainings, instructions by coach and also sponsorship. Ukrainian athletes went to the European Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017 with the help of their sponsor, center for human reproduction “BioTexCom”.
“This trip was paid by the BioTexCom. Our sponsor has paid everything from the flight expenses to subsidence allowance”– the athletes commented.
Now Ukrainian athletes prepare for the Abu Dhabi 2017 World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship. It will take place in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Ukrainian fighters are self-confident and hope to place high.

Ukrainian fighter at the “Kaunas Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017”

Ukrainian fighter from the SC “Borets” / ZR Team Serhii Krasovskyi won the silver medal during the “Kaunas Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017” which was held under the aegis of the Lithuanian Association of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on 2 December in Lithuanian.
The coach of the club, Ievgen Skyrda, noted that in this case the second place is more valuable than absolute victory and gold medal. According to the coach, this experience will make the fighter even stronger.

Ukrainian fighters returned with a triple victory from the Abu Dhabi World Cup!

Young sportsmen from the SC «Borets» / ZR Team – Serhii Krasovskyi and Serhii Rusnak became the world champions 2017 among the Juveniles at the Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Abu Dhabi!bout seven thousand sportsmen of different age groups from more than 100 countries around the world have visited Jiu-Jitsu Championship that took place in Abu Dhabi. Ukrainian fighters went to the capital of the United Arab Emirates with a competitive spirit and being highly trained. At the championship 14-year-old Serhii Krasovskyi and Serhii Rusnak had four fights and won all of them confidently.

The team coach Ievgen Skyrda says: “We coped with the task 100%! Despite the fact it was the first championship of such high level for our guys they coped with nervousness and showed the real power of the Ukrainian fighters”.

Previously a run of success was opened by 7-year-old Nikita Petushinskyi. He is also a part of the SC “Borets”. He became the world champion in his age group at the Abu Dhabi World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017.
The victory of Ukrainian athletes was well-earned – sportsmen were constantly preparing for the championship. The coach Ievgen Skyrda says: “They are so selfless in the gym – trained daily (during the school holidays even twice a day). So now we could see a good result. We are so proud that the Ukrainian flag was raised to the highest stage of the pedestal in Abu Dhabi. Many thanks to everyone for their support. I also wish to express my gratitude to our sponsor – “BioTexCom”!”

As a reward for the victory at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship, 14-year-old Serhii Krasovskyi and Serhii Rusnak will receive monthly financial support from the team’s sponsor “BioTexCom” company.
At the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017 with the sponsorship of the MC “BioTexCom” Ukraine was presented by 4 athletes: Yaroslav Blazhko – Blue Belt, European No-Gi IBJJF 2016 Champion (Rome, Italy), European IBJJF 2017 Champion (Lisbon, Portugal), 6-time champion of Ukraine; Roman Nepota – Blue Belt, Silver medalist of the European IBJJF Championship 2017 (Lisbon, Portugal), 6-time champion of Ukraine; Serhii Krasovskyi – Gray Belt, World UAEJJF 2017 Champion (Abu Dhabi), 2-time champion of Ukraine; Serhii Rusnak – Gray belt, World UAEJJF 2017 Champion (Abu Dhabi), 2-time champion of Ukraine.
But this is only the beginning and the Ukrainian champions will not stop. Sportsmen are waiting for the Asian Open Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship which will be held in early September in Tokyo, Japan. “BioTexCom” confirmed the funding of the Ukrainian team and it means that soon at the homeland of jiu-jitsu people will know about the Ukrainian athletes!

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Ukrainian fighter has reached the IBJJF ranking!

Recently, the International Brazilian jiu-jitsu Federation (IBJJF) has announced the rating of fighters from all divisions. 

Ukrainian fighter from SC “Borets”/ZR Team Kropivnitskiy Roman Nepota is also mentioned in the international rating. 21-years-old sportsman regularly participates in various international prestigious competitions where he takes prices and universal recognition.
Due to high skills and hard work Roman Nepota has ranked the fifth place in the IBJJF ranking list among blue belts of the adult division.


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Yaroslav Blazhko: “It’s necessary to achieve the maximum results, rather than enjoy the fifth or sixth place”

Regular training and strict schedule – just in such tempo Yaroslav Blazhko has been leaving during last five years. 
He received degree of lawyer but one day realized that he wants to fulfill his potential in sport. And it was a right decision because Yaroslav gets only prize-winning places at all-Ukrainian and international jiu-jitsu championships. Recently, he came back with the gold medal from the European tournament which took place in France.
Despite busy schedule of trainings, Yaroslav has found some time for the interview. He told readers about his sport carrier start, why he wants get only first places and what his dream is for now.
From gymnastics to jiu-jitsu
For five years I have been going in for jiu-jitsu. At first I was engaged in Taekwondo. And one day I started to train with Ievgen Skyrda and I cached the interest of jiu-jitsu. In our city (Kropivnitskiy) Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was opened in 2013. Thus, I began to do only this kind of sport. Jiu-jitsu has caught my fancy from the beginning. I understood that I am fascinated only by fight. The majority of action we made on the mat, in other words, fight takes place on the ground. It reduces the risk of serious injuries.
Also, I used to go in for gymnastics in the past. But Brazilian jiu-jitsu has become my lifestyle. I am busy now with development of our club and own trainings. And sport also has changed my common lifestyle. For example I can`t eat even a piece of junk food because it can effect negatively on my results during the competition. My family fully supports me, because my father also a sportsman.
He helps me in issues that concerns sport. My father brought me up as a real athlete since my childhood. I started to do an exercises on the bar since I was four. So, of course, he likes what I do now.
I studied at the university and could be a layer. Being on the third course of the law university I got acquainted with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And I realized the unnecessity of my law degree (smiling). Of course, I got my diploma but it wasn`t necessary for me. I understood that work with documents is not mine.
Of course, I didn’t have such busy sport schedule when I studied in the university. I was engaged in the sport club but I even didn’t think it would become the deal of my life. I realized that I want to work only in sport sphere. Things turned out, I focused more on training than my education. I don’t regret about my higher education since I have received a great experience.
Regular trainings for victory
I have lost during my first competition on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2013. And after that, I realized that it is necessary to practice more. So step by step I reached the level which I have now. I try to show the best results all the time. In our club, athletes, who prepare for competitions train in separate groups all the week. In addition, we have morning trainings before the competition. Thus, we train two times a day.
Sunday is a day off for us. But we spend it on the base or clean the hall if it is necessary.
I can`t say that it`s difficult to live in such rhythm. I don’t have problems with my physical condition. I feel great. If we get tired in the middle of the week, the coach gives us time to recover. And then we work using all our potential. But we don’t have much time to rest, thus we try to work in the most productive manner.
Daily schedule
I wake up around 9:00, have my breakfast and go for morning training. After the training we clean gym hall. FFrom 12:00 to 15:30 we have a free time, and I can have some rest. Training for children begins at 16:00 and ends at 19:30. After that I have a time for own training. As a rule, I finish at 22:00. And only after that I can go home.
In order to achieve maximum results, you need to give yourself 100% to this sport.
It is impossible to rest and at the same time develop and improve your results. You should spend all your strength during the training. We will be able to have a rest later. For example, we can rest retiring on a pension.
All my life I associate with sport. We want our club to be the best one in the world. Now we are the best ones in Ukraine, but we try our best to move towards Europe.
Trainings with children
The Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been working in our city since 2013. And our club – since September, 2014. More than 120 children were engaged in the trainings during the last two years. There are already champions and winners of the National Competitions among them. We try to bring up world champions.
I also train children. At first it was a little difficult for me but now I am completely happy with my work. It is needed to find the necessary approach to each child. I guess I am successful in this sphere.
We also explain parents that fight can`t be without injury. And there is nothing to worry about. We teach little boys to be real men. We also train girls. Sometimes they have even more fighting spirit than boys. Everything happens but we haven’t had serious accidents in the younger group (children aged from three to six years).
I think people should do what they like. You can`t go to work only for material aim because nothing will come of it. Those guys who work in the “Borets” club put all their heart and soul in the trainings. Thus, the first of all it is necessary to have a desire to work at the highest quality level.
Participation in the national and international competitions
I have already participated in many competitions. I even can`t remind all the national ones. We competed during the European Championship in Portugal last year. There I managed to win the second place.There was also European Championship in April and it was held in Rome. There I won a gold medal.
In late April, right after the Rome we flew to the World Cup in Abu Dhabi (UAE). There I won three fights, but lost the fourth on points. We decided that we need to have more practice. We will try to get the first place during the next tournament.
I don’t upset after the loss. I just realize that I must correct some mistakes, maybe to train more and better. Psychological condition is also very important. If athlete drains before the competition he will not have great results. In such case you have already lost before the fight.
The right physical spirit is the most important. You shouldn’t think and estimate the opponent during the competition. It is necessary to do what you can and don’t think more.
Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Sport is very important in our life. Some people believe that job and education must be on the first place. And, it isn’t so, actually. After 30 it can be some problems with health. You need to exercise in order to avoid such problem. And it can be done along with other areas of activity.
There is no age restriction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Yurii Kompan for example trains in our club.  He is 45 years old but he successfully performs at competitions. At the same time, there is only some man in Ukraine who does Jiu-Jitsu after 65 years old. All depend from your mind. And the age doesn’t matter in this issue. If you like fight, you can do it even after 60 years old. I want to emphasize once again, that our sport is considered the least injury-causing.
You can start jiu-jitsu at any age and with any physical form. The jiu-jitsu is such type of fight where the physical vigor isn’t on the first place. The athlete with perfect physical form doesn`t always win. The most important thing is technique. Therefore, it is necessary to think first of all and understand that victory is achieved not only by strength. Everything depends on properly selected vectors. Flexibility also has the influence.
Athletes have such thing as “absolute weight category”. At first I compete with the athletes who weight 70 kilograms. If I get the top place, I will compete with athletes who win in other weight category. We always try to get first places. It once again confirms that weight doesn’t make a difference.
Impressions from the last international tournament
About 20 athletes performed in my weight category during the international tournament in France. I beat the athlete from France in the fourth final fight. All opponents had an advanced level of training. Sometimes some problems can arise during the competition. Generally, when the opponent uses the technique which block my actions.
And in those moments, you should think how to get out of this situation. It`s important to control everything. And I coped with it.
The aim
We hope our club will be the best one for children and adults where they can practice their skills on the highest level. Thus, our county can become a leader in this sport as we have strog fighters.