четверг, 31 августа 2017 г.

7th And 8th Degree Black Belts Honored

Eight of the art's greatest living masters were honored by the IBJJF with promotions to some of the most senior ranks available.

Jiu-jitsu differs from other martial arts in that ranks are awarded purely by time served - once achieving the black belt a practitioner will receive degrees (signified by stripes) on his belt.
The color of the belt will change once a black belt receives seventh degree, at which point they become a red and black belt master (also known as a "coral" belt). Eighth degree is a red and white belt. 

The list of those promoted is as follows:

7th degree red and black belt
Jose Henrique Teixeira
Rilion Gracie
Marcio Simas

8th degree red and white belt
 Marcio Stambowsky
Romero 'Jacare' Cavalcanti
Sergio Penha
Mauricio Gomes 

It must be noted it takes 31 years upon receiving the black belt to achieve seventh degree and 38 years to reach eighth degree.

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