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Kropivnitskiy develops sport among children and youth

A sound mind in a sound body!” is a common motto among athletes and people who keep healthy lifestyle.
These words are also familiar to small citizens of Kropivnitskiy city. Today Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been actively developing there. Children have seen at practice persistence and hard work bring great results after 7-year- old fighter from SC “Borets” has won at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship which in Abu Dhabi.
Today SC ”Borets” actively invites children for classes of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The head coach and founder of the club Eugene Skirda says, sport is very important and not less than school education. Moreover, sport in young age has a set of advantages. Eugene says, he likes to work with children. He says, that classes with kids inspire and motivate him. “We are aimed at high sport results. I think that in the nearest future our club will become one of the strongest ones not only in Ukraine but in the world. In order to achieve such goal, it`s necessary to start with children. That’s why we mainly train children”.

Recently, SC “Borets” was visited by the BioTexCom clinic which is a sponsor of the club. It became the whole event for children. They were presented T-shirts, made a photo shoot and interviewed. Girls also train in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu section.

“Girls are also members of our club. At first, I was against it but later I understood that it isn`t a strength sport. Most parents don’t understand why their daughter should visit trainings on fight. But it is very useful for their development and health”- Eugene Skirda says.

Coaches explain jiu-jitsu is a kind of philosophy and not a fight. The meeting of sportsman take place on the mat and without use of blows. It is known, that this martial art is based on principals where person with poorly developed constitution can successfully defend himself and win against stronger opponent if he will use proper techniques.

It`s happened so, that martial art at once is associated with fight. But jiu-jitsu fighters don’t beat each other. The body-checks aren’t used in this sport. You will know the rules of jiu-jitsu and you will be able to stand up for yourself in any situation”- Eugene Skirda says.

It is also worth noting that little athletes like trainings very much and come to the hall with big pleasure. Coaches teach them endurance, willpower, respect towards people, culture. In a word develop a sound mind in sound bodies.
Victories of young Ukrainian athletes on the world sport arena inspire participants of the club and give more desire to train and win. It should be reminded Ukrainians have shown a great result this year at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship which was held in Abu Dhabi. 14-year- old sportsmen, fighters of “Borets” club Sergey Krasovsky and Sergey Rusnak became world champions on Brazilian jiu-jitsu among juniors in Abu Dhabi.

Earlier the victory rhythm was set by 7-year-old Nikita Petushinsky. He is also member of the “Borets” club. This spring Nikita became the world jiu-jitsu champion in his age category!
After the victory at the World Championship, 14-year- old Sergey Krasnovsky and Sergey Rusnak will receive a monthly financial grand on regular basis from sponsor the BioTexCom Company. The hard work brings young athletes their first results in sport career.

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