понедельник, 26 июня 2017 г.

Benson Henderson Gets The Win Over AJ Agazarm At Fight To Win Pro 37

Fight to Win Pro 37 in Scottsdale, Arizona concluded with a main event that was so action-packed, it couldn’t be contained to the stage. 

The headline match, which featured former UFC champ Benson Henderson against former no-gi world champion AJ Agazarm, started off strong, with Agazarm attempting a flying triangle. Henderson managed to avoid getting submitted before getting trapped in his opponent’s lasso guard. A scramble led to both athletes tumbling right off the stage, then a guillotine attempt by Henderson ended with them pushing the referee off the platform. Although Agazarm shot for numerous ankle picks and takedowns, Henderson’s aggressive sprawls were able to keep him out of trouble. When it was all over, the judges awarded victory to Henderson by unanimous decision.


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